27 June 2013

Priest releases "Coke Diet" Hand-pulled screenprint

Our good friend and often collaborator in the arts has released a hand-pulled screen print in an edition of 100.  The subject this time leaves the UMS schoolgirls alone and instead takes focus on the veritably troubled Ms. Lindsay Lohan.  Priest has also recently worked with Crista Rock Productions to put out a short video to accompany the print release (video at bottom).

Priest has been known for years as the person who has made Mobile a more tolerable place to visit by beautifying the landscape with satirical stencils, taking aim at the likes of BP and their wonderful oil spill and their local politicians among many other topics.

To hunt down your print, check out Priest here at Big Cartel:

30 September 2012

NoLA Rising's 6th Annual "It's Yours, Take It" Toys for Tots Art Swap - 2012


For NoLA Rising’s Sixth Annual Installment of It’s Yours, Take It, we would like to continue our seasonal holiday art for toys swap. For five years, we have helped create artwork that is donated to the event in order to raise toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. A collaboration between the arts community of New Orleans and street artists around the world to help benefit the children of New Orleans.

The premise is simple: Someone coming to the event brings a brand new toy in a box to donate for the children during the holiday season and they get to take a piece of donated artwork with them. The toys are then given to the Marines and they sort it for their annual holiday distribution. All pieces are donated and traded for toys; no money exchanges.

There is no theme on the artwork, so create as you wish.

Our venue is currently unconfirmed, however it will be held within the first two weeks of December. We will confirm dates and location once finalized and inform accordingly.

NoLA Rising is a 501(c)3 and can issue a donation letter to artists who indicate a value to their pieces for tax purposes. Please ensure actual value, in writing and detailing artist, mailing address, piece name and estimated value.

Deadline for sending artwork is December 4th, as always, thank you’re your years of support in helping make this event a success… THE REVOLUTION IS YOU! -Rex




10 July 2012

New Photogravures, Printshop Kickstarter, and more!

Hello friends,
I have exciting art updates and news that may interest you this hot july -
Two projects that are the most dear to my heart are outlined below, please take a peek:

The New Orleans Community Printshop
As many of you know, in 2009 i moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, to start a community printshop in an under-utlized arts organization called Louisiana Artworks, little knowing what an amazing group of teachers, printers and supporters I would find. I was joined by Vanessa Adams and Rachel Speck at the very first meeting, and we haven't looked back since. Three years, and three locations later, we have changed some: with 13 dues-paying core members- including Pippin Frisbie Calder, my old partner-in-crime from RISD, we are now our own non-profit: an all volunteer co-op with no one director or manager, open to the public 3 days a week. And  - now we are moving to a permanent home. 
We are doing a kickstarter fundraising campaign to pay for the buildout of the new space, and I am delighted to report that it is going very well - 11 days in and over 60% funded! We have 19 days to raise the rest, please check out the site and see our video and what we do here. If you can contribute, it is greatly appreciated, if you can't but want to support, just spread the word. 
Because the printshop allows artists to be self-supporting, and teaches anyone who walks in the door, artists have come to rely on the printshop to make their work and in turn they work very hard to keep it going. I believe with all my heart that every city needs a community printshop. (and if you want tips for starting one, check out our website..)

The Market Street Power Station - a photogravure and research project
Most of you know I am obsessed with this huge beautiful brick building on the mississippi that once provided all of the electricity for the city of New Orleans. I have been taking pictures of it for the past 3 years (most recently thanks to a very special colleague) and turning the best into photogravures. Three of these, including two of the following new prints, are in a show at the Homespace gallery, 
I am really excited that Cara Bayles (old high school friend and amazing newspaper reporter) is joining me on the research project - we are compiling a portrait of the life of the building: not only as the Market Street Power Station  as owned and operated by New Orleans Railways and Light Company, Street Railway Company, New Orleans Public Service inc, and Entergy, but also as the physical brick building that has dominated the skyline of the lower garden district ever since it's doors closed. What role has the abandoned plant played in the last 35 years? How is it remembered by the people who worked there? We are conducting interviews, poring over microfilm and delving into insurance maps to produce a timeline/booklet and an interactive gallery show, (think 3-d images, listening stations, climbable components....)
In the works still is the goal to collaborate with the current owners to open the building to the public for one day and transform our research into a walking tour.....We are in negotiations, I will keep you all posted!

Meg Turner