29 June 2011

Swoon's Musical Architecture for New Orleans

The New Orleans Airlift, is working with the amazing and internationally re-knowned artist Swoon to the create a permanent, interactive sculpture for the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. It will look like a house, but it will function like a musical instrument. There will be singing walls, organ floorboards, and percussion triggered by the human heartbeat.

A growing group of local and national sound artists are working towards interactive instruments that can be built into its walls and floorboards so that visitors can bring the house to life through their touch. Ultimately, musicians will be invited to play the house, performing orchestrated works at block parties for their friends and neighbors. This project is for the love of New Orleans - its architecture, music, culture and its people.

The New Orleans Airlift has been working hard at getting this project off the ground for for over a year now, developing alliances with architects and volunteers and the powers that be a city hall. They are partially funded by various arts grants and private contributors, but they are not there yet. You can make a pledge to this project starting at $5 dollars. At higher levels your pledge will get you an original and highly collectible art work by Swoon.

For more information on the artists: http://www.dithyrambalina.com/

28 June 2011

C215 - "Guillotine"

C215 - "Guillotine", originally uploaded by C215.

C215 is having a show at Signal Gallery (UK). Check out his recent pieces on Flickr

16 June 2011

ReX salutes Henry David Thoreau

"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives."

-Henry David Thoreau

For those interested in a closer look:


A Message Received from Carne Griffiths...

Hello All-

I received this message from Carne Griffiths, who is an artist out of England. In addition to being an artist, he helps develop events and opportunities for other artists. This year one of his annual events needs some assistance...please read below and help out if you're capable.

All best,

Hello friends and family

First of all apologies to anyone who may have received this email twice from different lists.

You may know that I am involved in setting up Leytonstone's best annual fun event - the Leytonstone Arts Trail

The trail is a voluntary organisation. All the art trail organisers give up their own time. We are showing the work of more than 50 artists (new and established) in windows, cafes, streets, shops and unexpected places around the town from 1 to 17 July. We have raised enough money to print some beautiful maps, as in previous years but because of the economy, funding is very tight this year. We have taken on more work in schools to get children involved in creating work for a professionally curated show. We are running an intensive programme in a particularly deprived school for the young people to make an animated movie with their own sound track to be screened during the trail. The regeneration company (O-Regen) that provided us with the grant for this project has gone into receivership without paying us the promised funding - and the people that ran off with our money are being investigated by the Police. So that we can finish the project we have resorted to asking our friends and families to help us through this direct appeal.

If you can spare a couple of pounds that will be fantastic (you can send it through the easy to use rockethub website on the link below).


It comes up in dollars, but you can give in ££ and the website does the conversion. You could help us even more by posting this appeal on to a few more friends or family of your own if you know of anyone who would not be offended / might like to help this truly grass roots creative project.

There are art prizes and giveaways in return for your donations such as printed postcard packs - original artworks and limited edition prints supplied by some of the wonderful artists in the trail.


For more about the works in the Leytonstone art trail 2011 see www.leytonstoneartstrail.org

For more about Letsfill Leytonstone... see www.letsfill.co.uk

Thank you so much!

Carne Griffiths