29 September 2011

ReXism: Interactive

ReXism: interactive... a book by Rex. A compendium of zines, sketchbooks, ramblings, letters and whatnot... 240 pages...but even better is that 160 of those are picture pages. Don't let the truth get in the way of good propaganda. The revolution is you!

ReXism: Interactive ...out now...

ReXism: Interactive coming out soon

Review by Kat Bergeron: "For those of you looking for true New Orleans art by a true New Orleans artist, I can think of no greater recommendation than this book. Written by a man, a legend, and a true New Orleanian, Rex Dingler's ReXism takes you through the street art and mentality of a city on the rise. Check it out. Then buy it. Then buy it for your friends."

05 September 2011

Rex's next booklet...

Rex's next booklet..., originally uploaded by dingler1109.

The next booklet is coming out soon...so like the picture says, if I don't have your address or it hasn't been updated in a while, message me your addy for the next mailing within the month.

Hope all is well,

starheadboy and nola rising

in a galaxy not so far away!

Salute to Starheadboy!

04 September 2011