28 November 2007

A Message from J'anitas on Magazine

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


People RAVED about your work dude!!!!

27 November 2007


GALLERY SHOWING for RANGER DAVE's Gallery (Official Name yet to be decided) at 2833 Dauphine in the Marigny.

One of the featured artists is yours truly, ReX of NoLA Rising (a.k.a. Michael Dingler). The event will take place starting at 7.p.m. Saturday, December 8TH. Come have some wine and beer and see some of my new work.

I'll be on hand to do some on the spot drawings...and maybe even a painting...maybe...

Dave will be having his gallery open after the event Wednesdays through Sundays from ten in the morning until six.

Also, once J'ANITAS on Magazine opens in early December for their wonderful BBQ delight, you will be able to find my artwork hanging on their walls as well. But if you'd rather Be Sweet, you can find more of my floral style paintings with a few NoLA Rising pieces at LUCKY YOU Candy Co at the corner of Magazine and Jena.

Thanks and I hope to see everyone at the opening...I appreciate your support in all of its many ways... Every day I am thankful that this is my city and I hope you are too!

King of the Night
Magister of NoLA RISING

Purple Fish Sings the Jazz

ReX Sends Official Condolences to the Baron von Krabkakes

krabkakes 013

I awoke this morning to some very sad and tragic news, that our friend and ally, the Baron von Krabkakes, has passed into the eternal arms of heaven. Here is the official notice as it appeared in the People's Paper of Krabstonia:

Our dear friend and ally, firm though fair dictator of the Republic of Crabstonia, chicken conqueror, White Girls producer, horse track enthusiast, Celine Dion fanatic, Baron von Crabcakes, known to his loved ones as 'the Crabster,' passed away around 12:30am, Tuesday the 27th of November in this year of our lord 2007.

Crabcakes was suffering recently from many french fry-induced illnesses. Crabcakes was born in the early 50's in an undisclosed bunker in the former Soviet Union. He left Crabstonia as a young kitten and made a name for himself in the Afghani Mojahedin in the mid 70's. From there he traveled Europe and North Africa eventually winding up in LA where he supported himself by selling cocaine and quaaludes to the almost rich and famous.

A life of fast took a toll on the Crabs and in 2003 he retired in a quaint Southern town in North Florida, Tallahassee. This is where Crabster's life took a fresh new turn. One night, Crabster was busted selling homemade moonshine to some local raccoons. He was promptly convicted and imprisoned in the North Florida Animal Shelter. By chance, a Ms. "Y", kitty-scout for Mr. "X", discovered him, caught whiff of that famed Crabcakes moxy, and made a plan to break him out. With Mr. "X"'s relentless support, Crabcakes assumed power of Crabstonia in a bloodless coup in 2004. In 2007, he was run out of office and charged with gross negligence and embezzlement and has lived in exile in New Orleans working as in internet celebrity ever since.

Crabster, a eunuch, is survived by both the "Y" and "X" camps as well as many friends and fans. The world adored him. His countrymen feared him. He will be missed.

ReX, in his sublime generosity and earnest friendship with the Baron von Krabkakes has issued his first ever official letter of condolence:

REX, King of the Night, Magister of NoLA Rising, Emperor of B.A.D., Founding Member of the Vandals of America, do hereby issue solemn condolences to the Mighty Army of Krabkakes in their sad loss.

Much like Sandino and Gueverra, his revolutionary spirit will be remembered through the ages. The people of Crabstonia, while lamenting his corruption, will remember his spirit of generosity to those allied with him.

ReX sends support to his brothers and sisters of the Mighty Army of Krabkakes and encourages them to keep the legacy of the good Baron alive. A cat so rich in history, so generous to the people, so kind-hearted in his bowel movements, should be honored for all posterity!

Long Live Mr "X" and Ms "Y"! May the revolution that our esteemed friend, the Baron von Krabkakes, be continued through your hard work!



21 November 2007

NoLA Rising Paint Party

At the end of the day...


In preparation for the coming year and in the ongoing battle against GREY, NoLA Rising is hosting its second Paint Party of the year. Special Guest all the way from Michigan is Angela Pate who is preparing for her European Tour. Come support NoLA Rising in its ongoing endeavor to brighten New Orleans one color at a time...one person at a time.

For those who ask what they can bring:

Bring your paint (acrylic works best for longevity), acrylic house paint if you have leftover colors you want to share...
your beverage or snack of choice...
Any scrap wood you might have...
16d 3 1/2"; Galvanized Nails
Rustoleum Crystal Clear Spray (this helps coat signs for the weather)
Sharpie Oil-based Paint pens (black or what have you)
Heck...bring whatever you want to work on.

But, most importantly, bring your love for art and your hope for New Orleans and together, we'll help NoLA Rise...one smile at a time

Come pass a good time Y'all,
"ReX" Dingler

15 November 2007

1 Dead In Attic

1. To whom did you last give the finger?
the copying machine at work

2. If you had 1,000 dollars what would you buy?
presents for my kids

3. What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?

4. Are you different now than you were 6 months ago?

5. Have you kissed anyone in the last three hours?

6. When was the last photograph you took?
this afternoon

7. Where were you last night at around 9:30?
painting in my courtyard

8. What do you think of guys that wear eyeliner?
that they should be beat...but not so horribly that they can't recover and live a normal and better life than the one they were living

9. How many hours did you last sleep?
3 hours and some change

11. Justin Timberlake shows up at your door, what do you do?
say "Hey Brah? Waddup?"

12. How was the last egg you ate prepared ?
chicken in a biscuit

13. Where did you last wear sunglasses?
Driving in my car.

14. Ever worn your underwear backwards?
I'm sure I have, but if I did, do you think I'd remember?

15. Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?

16. Does it bother you when people put && before every sentence and ;;?
who cares

17. What animal did you last pet or hold?
a puppy

18. What was the last law you broke?
indecent exposure

19. What are you wearing?
Paint shorts and a twelve year old t-shirt

21. What was the last newspaper you read or skimmed?
Food and Wine

22. What was the last word written on your hand?

23. What was the last hair product you used?
Fekkai gel

24. What was the last text message you received?
eat more jelly beans

25. What was the last medication you took?
been so long, can't rightly recall

26. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Alan Greenspan

27. To what song did you last sing along to?
if I had a 1,000,000 dollars

28. What was the last musical instrument played in your presence?

29. What was the last superstitious thing you did?
knocked on wood

30. What's the last good book you read?

14 November 2007

McMain High School & NoLA Rising

Howdy Friends and Fellow NoLA Risers!

So, how great is it to receive an email from an art teacher at McMain High School to say that she encouraged her class to do follow the spirit of NoLA Rising.

Ms. Cook, art teacher at McMain High School in New Orleans, LA introduced to her students the NoLA Rising Project and encouraged them to undertake pieces of their own to help beautify their neighborhoods and encourage the growth of the spirit of New Orleans.

ReX visited the classroom on the 13th of November to meet with the students, answer questions, and share perspectives. It was such a great environment to walk into and it was a great experience to meet the students, the teacher and Mr. Alfred Richard who was on hand to video for the school. Mr. Richard soon discovered NoLA Rising takes everyone as a student and he joined the class.

In an official statement by ReX he says, "I was touched deeply that a group of New Orleans students would be moved to undertake the NoLA Rising Project on their own accord and do such motivating and personal works. They are a tribute to the wealth that New Orleans has as the future of our city."

With that, ReX salutes Ms. Cook and her art class for the fine work...keep up the good work and remember...all things that we do, we do for our city! As always, support your local artists and support public works of art...don't be deterred by buffing and always be respectful of the neighborhood you are doing your art in.

Thank you and good night!

p.s. Please understand the in the interest of the students' privacy, I have not included any pictures where the students were photographed. For a full list of all pictures from McMain (since they all couldn't fit), visit the NoLA Rising Projects Flickr site at

McMain high School - NoLA Rising

Ms. Cook's Class
Ms. Cook's Class

Ms. Cook's Class

Ms. Cook's Class

By Angela Pate


Ms. Cook's Quote

Mr. Aldred Richard

New Orleans Road Home - C'mon Home

Howdy All-

NoLA's on the Rise and when it's risen, will you ask yourself if you were part of the recovery? I hope that you will ask yourself that and that you'll be able to say that you were. Life is too short to go on moping. It's time to BOOT UP and move on. More to come later this week about my trip to McMcain High School here in New Orleans...

09 November 2007



Birthday Greetings! ReX says Thank You!

My Birthday Party

Come one and come all! ReX, Magister to NoLA Rising, invites you all to celebrate NoLA Rising on the occasion of His REBIRTHday Party TODAY, Friday, November 9th at Finn McCool's in mid-city...Around 9 p.m. Finns is at the corner of Banks and Telemachus. Come pass a good time with us!

Celebrate ReX!

Celebrate NoLA RISING - Finn McCool's - November 9th

Come one and come all! ReX, Magister to NoLA Rising, invites you all to celebrate NoLA Rising on the occasion of His REBIRTHday Party TODAY, Friday, November 9th at Finn McCool's in mid-city...Around 9 p.m. Finns is at the corner of Banks and Telemachus. Come pass a good time with us!

Celebrate ReX!

Come Pass A Good Time  Y'ALL!

Birthday! November 9th!

02 November 2007

Come Pass A Good Time



D'ats Right

e.e. cummings quote:

"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best night and day to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting."

OOPS: I have on another count having to say that the quote in the artwork pictured above is from Edgar Allen Poe. I apologize to both the dead writers for this mistake.