26 May 2008


I'd like to thank everyone who kindly sent in well wishes about the victory. We had a smashing good time at Half Moon with the lovely and beautiful Leslie making sure we didn't get too outrageous. Here are some of the party pics:

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates VictoryKris

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates VictoryMardi Claw and Kim

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates VictoryAlicia, new Director of Project Development for NoLA Rising

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates Victory

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates VictoryLisa

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates VictoryLori

POP Bottles Party - NoLA Rising Celebrates VictoryJen

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25 May 2008

NoLA Rising Arrive in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Vienna

In keeping with the spirit of NoLA Rising as a means to reach out across the globe and hug our brothers and sisters in an artistic embrace, NoLA Rising has sent out a number of packets in the last few weeks. From Spain to Canada, Portland to Vienna, NoLA Rising believes that in promoting the City of New Orleans as an artistic Mecca that it helps in the recovery of the city. Here are some pics that have been sent in from people who decided to spread the work of NoLA Rising in their unique and individual way. Thanks!

Peace Wall, Falls Road, BELFAST, Northern IrelandFreedom Wall, Falls Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland

lauren_newjerseyLauren, New Jersey

NoLA Rising in ViennaChristine, Vienna, Austria

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELANDCity Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland

leah_bostonmaLeah, Boston, Massachusetts

NoLA Rising in ViennaAzra, Vienna, Austria

23 May 2008

Remaining NoLA Rising Street Signs

Since I have been forced to agree to court order about me personally not putting up signs within the City of New Orleans, the remaining balance of NoLA Rising signs, whether made by me or at N.R. paint parties is being brought to XO Studios for dispersement to those who will enjoy them.

2833 Dauphine (in the Marigny at the corner of Press Street)


The Details of the Victory over the Grey Ghost and His Personal Vendetta Against NoLA Rising

See the article at City Business here:

or read the fifth grade re-telling here:

We all know that Fred RAdTke had made it known in January "City Business" articles that his vendetta against NoLA Rising founder Michael Dingler was a personal one. It was a vendetta Mr. RAdTke claimed he would take all the way and try to financially cripple Dingler (a.k.a. ReX). In court on Thursday, May 22nd, Mr. RAdTke appeared and failed miserably in his attempt to make sure the charges he, in Mr. RAdTke's words, "citated" against ReX would stick.

RAdTke lobbied hard, providing witness testimony that highlighted HIM as the champion of the city, showing photographs and news stories of him "cleaning up" New Orleans and even going so far as to attempt to take over the prosecution's case and deal directly with the judge as though he were a lawyer.

Judge Sean P. Early would have none of it. Judge Early finally got the aggravated RAdTke to quiet. As RAdTke pled his personal case for vendetta, legal counsel for NoLA Rising (Buddy Spell of Spell & Spell) provided photographs of ReX's work to Judge Early, upon which Judge Early stated that he thought the signs were pretty and had served a purpose. RAdTke, incensed at the comment, still fought on.

RAdTke made the statement that when "we citated him, he still went on relentlessly." Disregarding RAdTke's poor use of the English language, Mr. Spell asked if he was a police officer. RAdTke refused to answer any questions from Spell, which further pressed Spell to inform him that he was not a police officer, nor should he consider acting as though he were. For future reference, my number one fan Mr. RAdTke, it's cited, not "citated."

RAdTke, ironically dressed in blue, appeared in court prepared, carrying a plastic grocery bag for a brief case. In a cheap blue button down and tacky tie, Mr. RAdTke fought a valiant and useless fight. His lack of taste could not be hidden by the blue jeans or work shoes with white socks he wore in court and his argument was tinged with personal whining. RAdTke produced from his grocery bag of cheap tricks the ANTIGRAVITY articles that first called into question his tactics. Tactics which have since become an issue that has cost RAdTke funding.

RAdTke Reads ANTIGRAVITY in Court

RAdTke was seen reading aloud to Assistant District Attorney Joseph B. Landry the publication ANTIGRAVITY. He pointed out section after section of the ANTIGRAVITY written by our beloved Sara Pic. After putting on his outdated pa-pa glasses, Mr. RAdTke read the sections of the article where I likened him to a graffiti artist and he stated his personal offense at the things I said in the article.

RAdTke ranted for a good thirty minutes to the very patient Joseph Landry, who exercised excellent judgment in the matter in which he chose to prosecute the case. RAdTke then made allegations that I associated with known graffiti artists and criminals that were all "in a conspiracy and were out to get" him. A detail he could not provide evidence for aside from vague internet postings. With or without such details, ReX points out that every American has a right to free association with any person they would like.

RAdTke even produced pictures of other people's graffiti and attempted to mislead prosecuting counsel and the judge to believe that it was the work of ReX. A matter quickly rebuked by defense counsel.

First Amendment Rights of NoLA Rising Discussed

RAdTke attacked the NoLA Rising blog, making statements that we here at NoLA Rising Headquarters have reported were patently false. No such thing has occurred. We report from first hand sources not hearsay. The fact that I have a First Amendment right to report the facts as I see them and come to understand them from first-hand sources could not be challenged by RAdTke's misunderstanding of the law. Clearly, his lack legal knowledge was vast and his arguments were personal.

RAdTke Collects NoLA Rising Art

RAdTke appeared in court carrying a five foot NoLA Rising sign from his personal collection. Attempting to show Judge Early what sort of "mayhem" we conduct, RAdTke lumbered into the courtroom with a sign he's held on to since ANTIGRAVITY's Alternative Media Expo at the Contemporary Art Center, hosted by our friend Leo McGovern. The sign, though, was zip-tied to a private chain link fence...over which RAdTke must've claimed his special brand of jurisdiction and had not actually been "posted" in regards to the citation.

Even after Judge Early fairly ruled a fine against ReX, RAdTke continued to lobby for stiffer punishments. Not believing that his arguments were weak and base at best, RAdTke became angrier and angrier...especially at the tactics employed against him by defense counsel.

Judge Early ruled that Assistant District Attorney Landry could have the five foot sign, a ruling that ReX would not argue against.

RAdTke, however, opted to disregard the RULE OF LAW and stole the NoLA Rising sign. RAdTke scampered out of the courtroom dragging the sign, while Buddy Spell chased after him asking him if he was willing to be held in contempt of court for stealing the sign. RAdTke continued to disregard Spell in the manner he had tried all morning, but fled from the courthouse in his GREY Saturn VUE before being caught.

NoLA Rising, being generous, relented and said that RAdTke could have the sign for his personal collection long after RAdTke left...knowing that RAdTke would need some consolation for the whipping he took in court. RAdTke seems to be one of the number of New Orleanians who take solace in the NoLA Rising signs, and ReX didn't see why he should be denied, despite his tactics to try and "financially cripple" him.


In every victory, there are some things you lose. While RAdTke lobbied to have over 50K in fines against ReX, the judgment was for only $200 in fines. He has thirty days to pay it. Though RAdTke lobbied to have jail time, the judge sensibly gave a suspended sentence. Despite RAdTke's efforts to shut down NoLA Rising, ReX had to promise that he personally would not put up any signs in the New Orleans area. An unfortunate thing, indeed, but no victory to RAdTke, as there are hundreds of supporters who are willing to take the matter into their own hands and spread artwork across the city at their own accord, in support of NoLA Rising.

RAdTke cried to the judge that if he didn't punish me severely, signs would appear overnight all across New Orleans. Mr. Spell pointed out that if ReX were punished severely, even more signs would appear across the city. In keeping with the spirit of NoLA Rising, ReX will be looking to give away signs to people who will do responsible things with them . If you are outraged that RAdTke could even get this minimal amount of punishment levied against ReX, ReX encourages you to act in a manner befitting to the spirit of New Orleans

RAdTke made the statement, "this guy is relentless" and that is the only true thing he said. NoLA Rising will not stop, but we will change our tactics in hopes that we can continue to benefit the people of the new New Orleans they way we did in the months immediately after the storm. There is no shame in loving New Orleans and all of Her unique people and ways...just because Mr. RAdTke wants to grey out our culture doesn't mean we have to let him. And I repeat my last and only comment to Mr. RAdTke yesterday..."Have a nice day, Mr. RAdTke." You'll need it for what is to be a negative backlash against you from the City Counsil to the hallways of your former corporate sponsors, to the streets of New Orleans that are not yours to control.

19 May 2008

More It's Yours, Take It Pieces arrive for New Orleans Show

For It's yours, Take It - New Orleans

In conjunction for a June show involving cities around the world (Southsea, UK; Canada; Singapore; Australia; and New Orleans) these artists have sent pieces for a free, public exhibition of artwork that will be held on June 7th in the Fauxborg Marigny. As a thank you from NoLA Rising to all the people who have enjoyed what we have been doing, we present, "It's Yours, Take It."

"It's Your's, Take It" will be a single location show in which the artwork from the last paint party, along with a number of artists from around the world, will be hung in a public venue for your enjoyment. If there's a piece that you really enjoy, we ask that you take it, but we also ask that you only take one so that others may enjoy it also.

The exact location will remain a secret until the day of. Check back to see new artwork as it arrives for the show.

Soul Embrace by Relish

For It's Yours, Take It - Jon Bollo
Jon Bollo

R 'N R Upload by Omino71
Omino 71

It's Yours, Take It

16 May 2008

Art Quote of the Day - Twyla Tharp

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." (Twyla Tharp)

Paint Party for the "It's Yours, Take It" Show

NoLa Rising enthusiasts came out to XO Studios last Saturday to celebrate a day of community events hosted by Rex, XO Studios and the St. Claude Arts District.

Artwork created will go to a free public exhibition of work called "It's Yours, Take It" coming in June in conjunction with four other cities around the world. The artwork will be displayed in a highly pedestrian area and in the spirit of NoLA Rising...you, both the passer-byer and the audience, can enjoy the pieces throughout the selected day and even take a piece should you come across one you like.

The date will officially be announced via this blog the day of and through "day of" word of mouth. Get connected, be connected and help NoLA Rise through the benefits of public art. Also, we're setting the next event to benefit the New Orleans Public Schools with donated art supplies.

Now for some pictures to be displayed at It's Yours, Take It:

Mardi Claw paints Us some pieces
The artwork of Mardi Claw

Some of the artwork by artists around the country and world who have sent artwork in for the show:
Sammo Piece

It's Yours, Take It from FOKUSED...


It's Yours, Take It from Jacque Lynn Davis
Jacque Lynn Davis

For more photos, see http://www.flickr.com/nolarisingproject/