29 August 2011

Is it a Happy Anniversary?


K+6...our anniversary. There's been a lot of promise offered up over the years. We've made some inroads here and there, but we're back to being how we were. Or so we tell ourselves. Here's hoping for the best in all of us to overcome the worst...


You Go Girl - New Orleans

you go girl - cat ice cream

Photo by Turducken

28 August 2011

Birthday Pins by Miss Malaprop

Birthday Pins

From MissMalaprop:
"In New Orleans, we have a tradition of pinning money to the birthday boy or girl. For my upcoming birthday party, I want to put that money to good use and donate it to some great causes, including Kiva.org, Our School at Blair Grocery, and now - my dear friend Lindsey who was supposed to bake her delicious gourmet cupcakes but got badly injured in a bike accident a few days ago.

I made these pins with their giant safety pins on the front - much easier than trying to keep a tiny safety pin pinned to your shirt and also let people add money to it! Plus they're cute!"

Find her online store HERE: https://www.shopmissmalaprop.com/cart.php

27 August 2011

Mr Tox 27 months for graff

Mr Tox 27 months for graff, originally uploaded by duncan.

Click on the picture and then check out the links. It's amazing the disparity in the punishments doled out between someone caught doing graffiti and then someone killing a person.

Which is the greater crime? Killing or street art?

King of Homemade Sandals by Willy bobo

King of homemade sandals.

10 August 2011

Job Openings: Silence is Violence

Job Openings: Silence is Violence
Deadline August 30, 2011

Silence Is Violence seeks artists for Fall semester Peace Clubs. Hosted in different public schools in Orleans Parish, including all of the alternative schools of New Orleans, the artist-run Peace Clubs provide an environment for the students to actually see and use art as an alternative expression to violence. Local artists run weekly workshops, leading the students on a project that helps them express their communities' issues through their own eyes.

As our students generally come from the most challenging environments with little formal exposure to the arts, these clubs give them an opportunity to experiment with different art forms, discuss their everyday life concerns in a comfortable environment, and be exposed to positive role models working in the community. The art projects are diverse and include painting, poetry, dance, theater, second-line culture, and film. The professional artists who lead the clubs are very familiar with these students' challenges and use these connections to inspire and motivate the students.

Please send resume, contact information, and brief bio to: nolamusicclinics [at] gmail.com