23 October 2007

SARO is making STREET ART history

SARO is making street art history with an intense sticker program. Check out his work and if you know anybody who does sticker art, send them the link and let them know.


ONE THOUSAND SIGNS - NoLA Rising (Keeping the City Smiling!)

The Road to One Thousand Signs was an ambitious one for the NoLA RISING Project, but one that has been happily accomplished. Given the overwhelming support from people not just in every neighborhood of New Orleans, but in cities all over the world, NoLA Rising intends to keep up the campaign. As always, the concept behind NoLA RISING is to showcase the culturally rich and thriving art community of all neighborhoods in New Orleans in a manner that positively influences the daily life of her citizens. To all loyal subjects of the Crescent City, this project is for you...Thank you for staying home, thank you for coming home or thank you for making it your home!

ReX, the artist behind the NoLA RISING Project, sends his SALUT! to all of his gracious supporters and invites all to a celebration in honor of ART in NEW ORLEANS & ART for NEW ORLEANS. Remember Remember the Ninth of November. Details to follow! Until then...enjoy the following lead-up to the one thousandth sign.

Oh, that look!NOLA 0995

nola0997NOLA 0997

NoLA 999 / 1,000NOLA 0999

LUCKY 1,000NOLA 1000

NOLA 1,001 / 1,000NOLA 1,001 of 1,000

NOLA 1,002 / 1,000 NOLA 1,002 of 1,000

NOLA 1,003 / 1,000 NOLA 1,003 of 1,000

NOLA 1,004 / 1,000 NOLA 1,004 of 1,000

NOLA 1,005 / 1,000 NOLA 1,005 of 1,000

SMILE NoLA RISING will be looking into poster design for a voting awareness campaign beginning next year...this was a concept study of material use.

21 October 2007


NoLa Rising was just recently given some kudos from travel writer Angela Pate who had posted some signs around Royal Oak in Michigan. See her post about NoLA Rising HERE

Have a good day!

18 October 2007

Dirty Coast

SLOW! Children At Play

These signs were done at the request of one of our citizens here in Humid City (borrowed phrase). It's in areas that the person highlighted as having a high kid volume and a low driver awareness for those children. Thus, ReX gladly puts his brush to work for the safety of the wee ones.

Slow Your Buggy Down

Slow Your Roll



NoLA RISING - 17 Oct 07





Replacing a nicked sign

Let the Music Play