28 February 2008

NoLA Rising on MTV

Here is the link to view Phillip Rollins video from MTV on the personal attack of Fred Radtke against Michael "ReX" Dingler and the NoLA Rising art campaign, an art initiative designed to make people feel better in out city and improve the quality of life in New Orleans...

27 February 2008

Fats Domino / Michalopoulos print Donated to the NoLA Rising Auction Part of the Art Show

Today, I received word of a very generous donation to the art auction that will be going on at the Avenue Pub the day & night of March 15th. A private art collector in the New Orleans area is donating to the NoLA Rising/Michael "ReX" Dingler Defense Fund Auction one of the mentioned prints in the description below.

These prints have been sold out for a long time and is being donated by a very generous believer in the NoLA Rising cause. The work was published in several edtions {The edition being donated is}: 300 Canvas Remarques, overpainted, numbered and signed by both Michalopoulos & Fats Domino (unstretched) 26" x 40".

I have promised to keep the donor anonymous, but in return for such a generous act, I ask each of you to do 3 kind things for a stranger. It is truly moving to receive such an incredibly generous item for the auction. It's a little overwhelming for such a wonderful donation. Thanks, ReX

2006 New Orleans


Fats Domino

2006 Jazz Festival Poster

Sold Out

If there's a living, breathing symbol of all that makes New Orleans great and unique, it's Antoine "Fats" Domino. His debut million-selling 1949 single, "The Fat Man" (from which he gained his nickname) is considered by many to be the first rock & roll record ever recorded. That alone would have earned the then 21 year-old a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But it was the beginning of his partnership with New Orleans trumpeter / producer / collaborator / bandleader Dave Bartholomew that made Fats the second largest-selling rock & roll star of the 50's and early-60's, behind only Elvis. He had an amazing 35 Top-40 singles from 1955 through 1963, on his way to selling more than 65 million records. His instantly recognized classics include "Ain't That a Shame", "Blueberry Hill", "Walking to New Orleans", "Whole Lotta Loving", "I'm Walking", "Blue Monday" and "I'm In Love Again", among others. Fats' boogie-woogie piano playing and down-home vocals were nurtured by the music surrounding him in New Orleans that contained elements of rock & roll long before Fats pulled them all together. His influence is such that Lennon/McCartney wrote Lady Madonna as an homage to his piano style; Fats returned the favor by covering it in 1968, and it became a Top 40 hit. Fats has remained true to his roots and his style, changing neither since he broke onto the scene 57 years ago.

By the 1980's Fats stopped touring because he couldn't find any food he liked outside New Orleans. (Who could disagree?) He didn't even attend his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or play at the invitation of the White House. Fortunately, he plays the Jazz Fest every few years and 2006 is one of those blessed cycles. His originality, musicianship, showmanship, power and vigor have not diminished. He changed the nature of music by bringing New Orleans-style R&B to the world and is himself a force of nature proving that Katrina can't change the soul of the City.

Collectors of this poster series know the name Michalopoulos very well. Acclaimed as the premier artist of and in New Orleans, his studies of the architecture and people that make the City unique are remarkable for their technical prowess and for their emotional verity. His iconic Jazz Fest series has defined legends in compelling works of definitive visual mastery. His 1998 portrait of Dr. John is a recognized classic and his 2001 portrait of Louis Armstrong remains the most sought-after (and valuable) print produced in this series in over a decade. Michalopoulos' portrait of Fats will be equally embraced. With a richly-colored sampling of the graceful buildings that line the old city drawing the viewer's eye towards an improbably balanced Fats pounding and tickling his piano into submission, this work sums up the man, his city, its music and their place in our hearts. A classic subject, masterfully executed by one of America's great figurative artists (with a twist, of course). This first Jazz Fest poster since water topped the levees is a "get-it or forget-it" offering.

The work was published in several edtions {The edition being donated is}:
300 Canvas Remarques, overpainted, numbered and signed by both Michalopoulos & Fats Domino (unstretched) 26" x 40"

Other Prints that were once available:

10,000 Numbered 20" x 36"
3,000 Artist-signed & numbered 21" x 38"
750 Remarque, pencil drawing, numbered and signed by both Michalopoulos & Fats Domino 22" x 40"

26 February 2008

Sent to me today

Who keeps an arrow in his bow,
And if you prod him, lets it go?
A fervent friend, a subtle foe –
— Scorpio


salutations in the form of a poem:

from your favorite kitty whom you think thinks you stink, but what your silly face doesn't know is that some kittys like the smell of crunchy rolls better....and just laugh at you and your silly stinky crunchbutt with its skiddish meow meow meows.....relax kitty....i say to you. You are loved and admired, so stop biting at fleas that aren't there because you remember when they were. Lick your fur and make it beautiful, because it is kitty...and Now is the time you are safe and loved.


Alternative Media Expo a Great Success

My hat is off to Leo McGovern who presented the Alternative Media Expo at the Contemporary Arts Center this past weekend. It was a great opportunity for undercurrent of what happens in this city to get together. NoLA Rising salutes Leo.

Now for photos from the Expo, courtesy of Gary Perez at Dragonfly Photography:

DSC08009The NoLA Rising Table

DSC08013Ran into some old pals from back in the day (with the ever delightful Courtney, hula-hoop superstar, walking in the background). ReX sports the new Dirty Coast Shirt "Grey is Graffiti"

DSC08026Defend New Orleans, helping NoLA Rise

Lat one nightBy far one of the best pics taken of me lately, so I couldn't resist adding it. Photo by Gary Perez, Dragonfly Photography

16 February 2008

Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations - NoLA Rising

And just when you thought a sign had long ago vanished into the netherworld of someone's living room, it appears as B footage for the opening of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Seen on The Travel Channel, it was from when he came to New Orleans and visited Antoine's, Domilise's, Cafe Reconcile, Cochon, Emeril's, & Vic's. Bon Apetit!

As seen on Travel Channel

Derbigny and Reynes - Lower 9th ward

15 February 2008

NoLA Rising and the Habitat Restore

ReX of NoLa Rising just completed 20 signs for Habitat for Humanity's Restore. Below are examples, but you can always go and visit the Habitat Restore at 2830 Royal Street (in the Marigny). They sell recycled building materials and are open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thanks Habitat Restore for helping NOLA RISE!

09 February 2008

NoLA Rising Jewelry by Clare Marie

NoLA Rising has just recently had a jeweler join the ranks in the battle for the culture of New Orleans. Clare Marie (SIN.THESIS) has custom made the first NoLA Rising Fleur de Lis that was designed by ReX (one of the NoLA Rising founders). Below is the contact information for Clare Marie should you decide to order one, which will be custom made by Clare Marie in wearable industrial metals. The pendant shown, presented to ReX on this very day, is made of brass and copper. Even if you don't like the fleur de lis design, check out Clare's other creations. The best way to contact Clare is via email (which is broken up to avoid spam) at:

sinthesiscm @ gmail.com