22 February 2006

An Electric Friend

An electric friend lights quiet compassion,
the ties that bind a subtle current
flowing at the speed of a flash
that is recognition in another's eyes

Unmatched is the bond, known
between friend and friend, they silently speak
a truth shared within

Sitting beside one another, they can agree
that the world is a convoluted mess
filled with random chaos in search
of stability, because stable is comfortable

Comfort in the lies is but a way
to pass the time, so we shake the present,
inside it may break or break us free
and either way relearn to just let go

Letting go is giving up the ghost
and surrendering to those demons
inside of us the very pain
we've lived in until we can cry
it all away until another day

'Tis only through our pain can we see
the hidden miracle - We must ask
the question, no matter the result

Jordan P Fitzpatrick & Michael J Dingler (Jan '06 - New Orleans, LA)

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