21 September 2006

Sophie and her Jokes

My four year old (Sophia) has begun withthe concepts of jokes here as of late. My last couple of dates with her, I didn't write any of them down and I am absolutely STOOPID when it comes to remembering jokes. I can't even remember tasteless ones. However, in lieu of my rememberance, Katie has sent me an email in in there, there was this Sophie gem:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

-Because he's not a bear.

Sure, she may have to fine tune that one. It's a little rough, but give her some time. That's all for the day.


  1. I for one think it's brilliant. I'll probably use it myself. Well, I may spice it up a bit for an older audience.

  2. Wonderful...most likely the best ending to that question I have heard yet!

  3. For nine months, placenta acts as a mattress for fetuslings.