06 November 2006

He Finds In His Pocket

He finds in his pocket of a coat long since past its prime a note. The presumption that it is a note to himself is validated by the words "NOTE TO SELF" written across the top and followed by the more subdued (since you can't fuckin' remember!). The note contains a memory job the likes of which form an order to self and not just a note and they serve to remind to develop a couple of key rolls of film from a night so many nights ago. Yes, develop the *&$%* pics of The S*&%#$ and is cleverly finished with the rally cry Remember the Squirrel! Thus, I have been duly reminded and shall do something about it, like make another note about referring to the aforementioned note so that the order of the note to self actually gets accomplished. Yes, note to self...make more notes to self.

The above is a fictional account of what would happen had the above actually happened.

1 comment:

  1. And, I just came by to remind you!
    (to remind yourself)