24 July 2007

Yeah, I'm "That Guy"

My extended weekend sign expedition ended yesterday as I was headed home to take a shower. That's right, I bathe regularly. I had been walking around for a good six or so hours putting up both the paper sketches and wooden signs. Much to my dismay, I had forgotten extra nails and had to carry a couple of the heavier wooden signs a few blocks back to my house.

About a block down from my house, after I had gotten a few paces past a couple talking at a gate, the guy says, "Hey, You're That Guy." I turned around and said, "Yes, I'm That Guy." He responds, "Yeah, Nola Rising. Man, that's great." Girl of couple says, "Oh yeah, that's really cool." I gave my thanks and took my leave. It wasn't until I was walking into the gate of my house that I realized I really should have gone back and introduced myself other than being "That Guy." I wasn't in meeting mode because I was thirsty as all hell and I was bordering on being later than my usual and tolerated lateness(Thanks MM).

Ordinarily, I do not like being called 'guy'. For example, when eating in a restaurant, I detest a waiter calling me guy. I've gotten better at not being, a-hem, vocal about it, but I still don't like it. However, no such anger chilled my bone when 'this guy' said "that guy." Taken in context, it's probably because I knew exactly what he was talking about and it wasn't some generic address.

It was nice, however, because it has followed recent recognition for the stuff I'm doing. E.G. "Hey, you're the sign guy." Yes, her also.

Later that very night, after I had gotten back home and went back out to put up more signs, I met someone else who commented on how much they liked the signs I was putting up. Okay, okay, so it's a bit of a mushy, human interest style posting I'm about to put up, but it made it seem worth the effort.

I first started doing the sketches on this board because it was something easy and portable. Then it was, what the hell do I do with these. Then the bright idea happened...mesh Nola Rising and these sketches and put them up as a free diversion from the boring and ordinary. Yes, yes, keep life to a dull hum under the electro-glow lights of an office building, I should know by now, BUT, I refuse. It's now morphed into street signs that are painted; some of street names and others of whatever the hell comes my way in this "creative and artistic*" mind of mine. (* not my words and I'm not very sure if that's a compliment because I'm not good at taking compliments *)

Anyway, I am re-energized even though I've faced some skepticism from someone who I don't feel ever understood me anyhow. Thus, I will continue 'The Project' as is and will continue to encourage friends, family, neighbors and complete strangers to draw for the project.

REX ( a.k.a. Syh )

From Audrey

From Davis

From Melba

From Sophie

From Me

+ soon some from Claire (an artist already!)

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