16 August 2007

Fighting a Ghost

This beautifully appointed sign resides at the corner of St. Andrew and Magazine. Designed originally to add color to the neighborhood while informing passer-byers walking through the neighborhood what street they had come to, it has recently lost its luster due to one villainous Fred RAdTke.It has since been re-beautified (?) by black marker by an outstanding citizen who must've like the sign enough to stop and attempt to color in the lettering that existed. Boo to Fred. You get the Rex Flying Toaster award for the week. Of which, I'm sure you'll achieve many.


The Grey Ghost strikes again in his beautiful shades of urban shit. Proving his inferiority complex extends further than meets the eye and showing an incapability of simple acts of childlike strength, The GHOST has painted a sign that could have easily been pulled off of a telephone pole. That's right...he painted over a sign that could have been ripped off a telephone pole. Proving he is, indeed, an egomaniac. Now, when removed, there will be grey paint left all around where the sign once was.

And my very immature response suiting the mental acuity of my new adversary. This will be taken down tomorrow and replaced by yet another piece of 'pedestrian' artwork .

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