03 October 2007

Members of the NoLA Rising Family...known as NoLA Risers!

ReX would like to show you some of the artwork from the NoLA Risers...available now at your local favorite hotspots! And, memo at the bottom of this post...



Alicia's SMILE

A DLITEd Heart


ReX would like to decree that it is not NOW nor EVER acceptable to make attacks (paint or otherwise) on the GREY GANGSTA's home! We all know of whom I write and would like you to humbly consider that you wouldn't want that being done to your house. I don't like what he does any more than the rest of us who prefer to see color in our world, but that doesn't make it right for anyone to be disrespectful of a home. It defeats all purpose. With that said, do what you do where you do it, but please don't do it in my name or for my sake. Thank you my brothers and sisters and we will keep NOLA RISING for everyone!

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