26 February 2008

Alternative Media Expo a Great Success

My hat is off to Leo McGovern who presented the Alternative Media Expo at the Contemporary Arts Center this past weekend. It was a great opportunity for undercurrent of what happens in this city to get together. NoLA Rising salutes Leo.

Now for photos from the Expo, courtesy of Gary Perez at Dragonfly Photography:

DSC08009The NoLA Rising Table

DSC08013Ran into some old pals from back in the day (with the ever delightful Courtney, hula-hoop superstar, walking in the background). ReX sports the new Dirty Coast Shirt "Grey is Graffiti"

DSC08026Defend New Orleans, helping NoLA Rise

Lat one nightBy far one of the best pics taken of me lately, so I couldn't resist adding it. Photo by Gary Perez, Dragonfly Photography

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