19 May 2008

More It's Yours, Take It Pieces arrive for New Orleans Show

For It's yours, Take It - New Orleans

In conjunction for a June show involving cities around the world (Southsea, UK; Canada; Singapore; Australia; and New Orleans) these artists have sent pieces for a free, public exhibition of artwork that will be held on June 7th in the Fauxborg Marigny. As a thank you from NoLA Rising to all the people who have enjoyed what we have been doing, we present, "It's Yours, Take It."

"It's Your's, Take It" will be a single location show in which the artwork from the last paint party, along with a number of artists from around the world, will be hung in a public venue for your enjoyment. If there's a piece that you really enjoy, we ask that you take it, but we also ask that you only take one so that others may enjoy it also.

The exact location will remain a secret until the day of. Check back to see new artwork as it arrives for the show.

Soul Embrace by Relish

For It's Yours, Take It - Jon Bollo
Jon Bollo

R 'N R Upload by Omino71
Omino 71

It's Yours, Take It

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