02 December 2008

Day Three - Art Opening and After Party

NoLA Rising couldn't have done it alone. With the help of artists from Endless Love Crew, Robots Will Kill, And Erik Sanner and the support of Slightly Askew, Ad Nauseum Lyceum and IRT, we got an installation together in 24 hours. That's the way to bring two cities together...

Before the music of Suspicious Brown began, two spoken word poets graced us with their work. Thanks to Caitlin Meissner and Eboni Hogan for their works.

DSCN0865Collaborative Wall b/w Rex, El Celso, & Infinity

Endless Love CrewEndless Love Crew and Robots Will Kill Collaboration

Avi, Meryl and RexAvi, Meryl and Rex

Rex and Erik SannerRex and Erik Sanner

ReX and Max-ORex and Max-O

Rex and the Delightful MarandaRex and the Delightful Maranda Barskey

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