24 May 2010

Protest!!! Sunday, May 30th, Jackson Square - 1pm

PROTEST! 1 pm, Sunday May 30, Jackson Square! Is it oil or blood on BP's collective hands???

BP's greed & negligence MURDERED eleven human beings-- real working people, just like you and me, with real families, spouses and children-- and now BP is DESTROYING the entire Gulf Coast while the Federal Government does NOTHING!

The flood of toxic oil MUST be STOPPED NOW! No more delaying, no more excuses. BP is KILLING US ALL, killing our wildlife, our oysters and fish, our birds, and our way of life.

This is CHERNOBYL IN THE GULF: this is destroying the Gulf of Mexico for ENTIRE GENERATIONS.

BP cannot or will not stop it. The government MUST INTERVENE and by any means necessary with all available resources STOP THE BP OIL FLOOD!


PROTEST! 1 pm, Sunday May 30, Jackson Square!

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