06 June 2010

Benefit for Haitian artists tonight starting at 6pm

Hello all,

The silent auction to benefit the Sculptors of the Grand Rue begins tonight at 6pm! Bidding runs till 8:30pm.

DJ Finger Prince will bring his collection of West African High Life and Carribean classics. A good friend has decided to bring some food and a little extra wine to keep the bidders happy. Dizzap will also be there with a taste of their own beverage alchemy.

Barrister's Gallery is at 2331 St. Claude Ave. at Spain St.
Gallery phone: 504 710 4506

I've updated the artist list on the event page according to the artwork hanging on the wall right now; there may be late arrivals. I'm so pleased with these donations-- the show looks wonderful, and there are treasures to be had for collectors; at the same time, the work and the bidding wars are all for the purpose of supporting the Sculptors of the Grand Rue-- I hope that you can all make it! Please tell your friends.

the flyer and the artist list is up at the gallery site--- the artist list on the fb event page is the current one.

If you would like to support the Grand Rue artists, you can also go to this site and send a donation via paypal:

There are more projects in the works, between Haitian and New Orleans artists. If you are interested in getting updates on future developments, please send an email to myrtlered @ gmail.com

Many thanks to the artists and volunteers! I hope to see you at the auction!

Myrtle von Damitz lll

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