20 July 2010

Death Imitating Art - Sophie D

"It's another average humdrum day in a crumbling civilization," were the first words that Sophie D ever said to me. I was enjoying my solitude drawing in my favorite neighborhood spot...the t-shirt I had on gave me away as someone to talk to.

It sparked a conversation that delved into what was wrong with the city as we compared how many mutual people we knew who had been killed through senseless murder or who had OD'd or killed themselves since Katrina. It's a tale you wouldn't ordinarily share but it was one of those conversations.

"Wouldn't it be nice if you could shock people into cleaning up this city?" she asked me. It would be since people don't seem prepared to listen nicely anymore. Sophie D set about to wake people the hell up. Here are some samples of her work and then a couple of news stories where Somewhere in the City, the Blood was Real:

Priest, Sophie D, & Rex Collaboration
Mobile, AL

Everywhere in New Orleans this blood is real
New Orleans, LA

Sophie D Project
New York, NY

Sophie D: Guns Get You Dead
New York, NY

Sophie D in Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA

And here are the two recent news stories...

In New Orleans at Nola.com

In Mobile at Modmobilian.com

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