20 April 2011

Ad Hoc Art at the New Puppy in Los Angeles - Friday the 13th (May)

Ad Hoc Art at the New Puppy in Los Angeles - Friday the 13th (May)

* Opening Friday, May 13th, 2011: Los Angeles, CA
AD HOC ART group exhibition titled "I have a dream, I have a nightmare: Friday the 13th..."

An electric show charged with other-realmly consciousness hits New Puppy LA, located at 2808 Elm St, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

We are living in very fascinating, unprecedented times on the cusp of something, for sure. What that "something" is that we are on the cusp of, exactly, is debatable. That we dancing on the edge of it is not. Witness art that hearkens to the inner and outer realms of dreams and nightmares, real and imaginary, as Friday the 13th energies have been harnessed and will be unleashed the 13th of May. Be prepared to be lovingly horrified.

Artists include:
Alison Buxton
Beau Stanton
Broken Crow
Bunnie Reiss
Dabs & Myla
Daryll Peirce
Don Leicht
Chor Boogie
Chris Stain
Ezra Eismont
Garrison Buxton
Joe Iurato
John Breiner
John Carr
John Fekner
Jordan Seiler
Lady Pink
Michael De Feo
Mikal Hameed
Paul Booth
Ray Cross
Rex Dingler
Robert Steel
Sean Starwars

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