14 November 2004

Written in an Anthropology Class Taught by Jane Hoff

This was written about ten years ago or there'bouts, maybe '93 or '95::

The world’s notions, beliefs, ideas were all conceptualized by man. Each new thought never thought of before is created by man and his mind. Man subjects to the world his concept of the world and has manipulated himself to be the master. In the domain of earth, he believes himself to be true.

In the grand scheme of things, though, he is not stronger or faster than many animals. He is only a smarter animal, building complex machinery to subjugate creatures large and small. Without his habilis ways, he is nothing but a scared monkey climbing to his escape. Man is no master in the jungle when he is without arms, left only with his wit. He can only scavenge off the carcasses of dead prey left by an animal with stronger jaws. Taking the marrow as his feast, he scurries away like an ant to higher ground.

What unfound gorge shall host a multitude of australopithecine wonders to let man discover his bi-pedal past? Slowly looking over yellow fields man stands upright.

Man is intelligent out of necessity, using intelligence alone to survive.

I make this a prophecy of man’s greatness when he is alone in nature. Years of civilization have come down to this fact, man is becoming more animalistic as he evolves in the socialization of himself. He is learning how to brutalize others of his species in the environment that he has created.

With no other existing predators man becomes the predator and the object of prey. Man learns violent discord in his own environment. The world of man continues down this path until there is a differentiation of two types of men: the hunter and the hunted.

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