23 November 2004

Helping Our Neighbors :: Atmore Public Library

Good evening-

In tonight's news report, we bring to you a tragic tale of a small town that has been riddled by a storm. That town, Atmore, Alabama. The town was recently devastated by hurricane Ivan that came ashore along the Alabama Gulf Coast. The town of Atmore was very fortunate, however, in that no people were killed during the storm, despite numerous homes being destroyed. The Atmore Public Library had the roof ripped off and they lost nearly a thousand books. So, in my cause of the day, I am going to start requesting friends and family to do what they can to help.

If anyone is interested you can send monetary donations of books (recent fiction or children's books are helpful) to:

Atmore City Library

700 E. Church Street

Atmore, AL 36502

Thank you and good evening...

p.s. I am not from Atmore. Hell, I'm not even from Alabama. Libraries are good things, though, and should be supported, especially when they are in need. For more information, look up the Atmore Advance at www.atmoreadvance.com or the Atmore Public Library at www.atmorelibrary.com.

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