11 December 2004

Fear Not the Dragon

And I fear not the dragon,

fire-breathing hush whispers

smoldering warm 'neath the stars,

apollonian in a hearth and a moon

Ashen drift to twilight's bosom;

wayward go the heavens

yet still are we,

amongst the vastness,

clinging, fighting with swords

raised high, to a cause that goes

unheard, a clamorous sound of metal

hitting metal hitting metal

Demon cries in a daylight

charge across the chasm,

to an unknown fate we ride

with withering faith

in battlefields of woe,

rivers red with tears,

mothers waving arms

hysteric in their wails

The flower of youth impaled,

the blood of heroes and cowards

runs through the fields

of springtime bloom

The sun shining bright

after a good rain,

the tears for the departed

drying and moving on

~MJ Dingler & A. McLean, Dec 2004

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