19 October 2006

Christ's Ship of Fools

We’ve all been born sad on Christ’s ship of fools,
that's the people who make the real money,
a stagnant beat that corrupts the honest trades.
Trades, huh? Yeah, I traded my life
for what I thought was right,
but it wasn’t a factor in my diminishing growth, my decline.
There’ve been too many times I should have
been truthful – it would have been fruitful –
a cornucopia of scream genie magic.
What a fucking tragic life
my life has been, too many times I have sinned
and been marked as a wanted man in a tainted land.
I’m playing this hand, but I haven’t been dealt
any aces, I’m just learning all the paces
back and forth screaming to the cypress knees,
too many times I have been there and begged please-
only to be looked at like I’m disease-ridden,
but free, free to live a life of solitude.

Michael J. Dingler & Trey Gerkin
Oct 2006

1 comment:

  1. Few people know that I am kind of afraid of ghost ships. I'm 94% sure that they exist and I refuse to go on a cruise because they're out there.

    I need a new bathrobe.