25 February 2007

Me and Henry Miller

And now for something completely different. With Mardi Gras over, perhaps I will begin exercising my communications skills for more than drooling and blabbering like an idiot. The coming weeks will have me step up my search for a new job (and any potential employers, this is not an ordinary photo of me above) and getting the necessary paperwork done for graduate school. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery what I should do when I finish growing up? Or, do any of you Dingler-nauts want to hire me for my sheer brilliance and whisk me away? I must add it is sheer brilliance because it is that thin...

In Other's Words - Quotes from Henry Miller:

"Like every other big city in America New Orleans is full of starving or half-starved artists."

"I dream an empire."

"Do anything, be anything, say anything that comes into your head, because it's all cuckoo and nobody will know the difference."

"I stand still and go everywhere."

"Go West, young man! they used to say. Today we have to say: Shoot yourself, young man, there is no hope for you!"

"God, if I were a young man today, if I were faced with a world such as we have created, I would blow my brains out."

"The young men of America are growing desperate; they know they haven't a chance anymore."


"Good news! God is Love!"


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