13 February 2007

Tuesday and It Rained

Tuesday and it rained. Just when you thought everything was getting back to normal, the phone call comes that a tornado just ripped apart part of the city that wasn't hit hard by Katrina. Then, the phone calls to friends to make sure everyone is acceptably okay. And silence. And the helicopters are back. You know it's bad when Blackhawk helicopters are circling in the sky along with the familiar sound of the Coast Guard helicopter. To me, there's nothing more distinct than the sound of a Blackhawk helicopter but I've long ago gotten over having to look up to identify the sound with the helicopter. Then, you spend your day helping with what you can while college girls from somewhere up north chat on their phone about how cool it is...all the while wanting to snatch the phone out of her hand and yell, "It wouldn't be so funny if it was your home, would it?" The gravity of the situation lost because it was a flashback to the devestation we had already lived through and she hadn't. But, I am lucky once again. Blessed once again. Me and mine are fine and good and well. thanks for calling

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