30 May 2007

Dingler Exhibits Himself This Saturday!

Some of my artwork will be on display from now until ??? in historic Algiers Point at a place on the corner of Pelican and Sequin.

300 PELICAN STREET (On the corner of Pelican & Seguin)
New Orleans, LA 70114 (Algiers Point)

For mapquest purposes, I've put a mapquest link below to select/copy/paste. If you are planning taking the Canal Street Ferry, you can turn left as you exit the ferry, walk down to the street that's oncoming one way. Walk to Seguin (the street before the courthouse), turn right, walk down two blocks to Pelican and look for the three tone purple building on your left.

MAPQUEST LINK: Map of 300 Pelican Ave New Orleans, LA 70114-2348, US

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