10 May 2007

NOLA RISING in the 9th Ward

I have decided to undertake a public art project spread across the city. The idea was spawned from two different ideas that I have opted to merge. The first was a photo I had taken last year of a building that was on the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Napoleon. Someone, presumably the owner or tenant, spray-painted "NOLA RISING" on the building. The photo ended up being great and has become a maxim of mine (if a thought behind an idea can imply the totality of a maxim). Second was a group of paintings that someone had strung up in the Marigny on a huge electrical pole.

Most recently, I decided to take the Nola Rising message to the lower Ninth Ward. Below are three pictures of over twenty that I put up within a six block radius. More to come to a neighborhood near you. I would've written about it on the day of, but it took a long time to get it done and was tired afterward. So, enjoy my many good things:

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