27 September 2007

Even Though I Do Not Know You, I Love You! - NoLA Rising

Howdy All, in the ever-lasting determination to bring art and color to the city, I've put up more street installation pieces for your enjoyment. More to come...More to follow. Though I have plenty of wood at "THE COURTYARD", I brought my saw to work today and started cutting up palates for more wood. Some of them are made of hard wood. So, we'll be looking to have another painting gathering here shortly.

THE GOOD NEWS: NoLA Rising has reached 100 posted signs in the City of New Orleans. There is more coming. More will be available. Next week at the FRERET ART MARKET, there will be some available for sale with the proceeds going to more paint for the Project. Come visit and crush a cup of wine with us! I'll keep you posted... Thanks for supporting NoLA Rising!

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