16 September 2007

Painting Crazy People - NOLA RISING style

DON"T YOU TELL US WE DON"T KNOW HOW TO PARTY! All in all, the happy gathering ended with over fifty pieces done. I'd like to thank everyone for showing up. Naturally, keep your eyes peeled because there's now 50++ more gems of New Orleans that is going to start springing up this week. Maybe, just maybe, I'll keep some in reserve for Art for Art's Sake. And, as always, I encourage you to "MAKE MORE ART" for your neighborhood. Make where you live a fun place to live...


  1. Keep rising!
    Keep painting!
    Keep hoping!
    Keep dreaming!
    Keep inspiring!
    Thanks for your beautiful, heartfelt work!

  2. Not only will I keep rising...NOLA will keep RISING! Thanks for your words!