06 April 2008

NoLA Rising Events on the Horizon

ART SHOWING, this Saturday, April 12th 5 to 9 p.m., XO STUDIOS in the Marigny, 2833 Dauphine Street. Ranger Dave features seven artists, three of whom are NoLA Rising Artists. Ranger Dave joins the ranks of the St. Claude Arts District(www.scadnola.com)with featured artists including, photographer Amie Davis, NoLA Rising founder Michael "ReX" Dingler, and NoLA Rising members Taylor Shephard and Allison.

NoLA Rising Art Chapter at Tulane University expected to open soon. We are hoping to have the joining collegiate members help us in the new STOP THE VIOLENCE campaign that NoLA Rising has been working to implent since the beginning of the year.

Mid to Late May: NoLA Rising Paint Party, XO Studios in the Marigny (address above). NoLA Rising will again host an open event for artists and art-lovers to come and paint at our Marigny location. Bring salvaged wood, paint for the masses and your love for the arts and the city of New Orleans and create something beautiful for us to donate to the people of New Orleans for our It's Yours, Take It event. Exact date, TBA so stay tuned

June: Date TBA NoLA Rising Presents TAKE IT, IT'S YOURS. New Orleans will be one of three cities this June to host TAKE IT, IT'S YOURS a free art show and event. On the same day, we will orchestrate a public exhibition of free art along with cities in Australia and Manitoba, Canada. Artwork from the NoLA Rising paint party will be exhibited alongside the growing number if international artists currently sending pieces. Thus far, I have seventeen artists signed up to mail pieces to us for this exhibit and would love to have local artists swell the ranks of our public and free exhibition. Stay tuned for more information! UPDATE: We now have a location in Singapore set up and are working on Southsea! And we're looking for the weekend of June 7th or 8th, exact date still being nailed down (every pun intended)
Fantasy is the only canvas large enough for me to paint on.
* Brooks

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  1. Nice... Can we get entice some local high schoolers to join us in free art?