29 April 2008

ReX of NoLA Rising Speaks at Tulane University

ReX Speaks at Tulane

ReX of NoLA Rising recently spoke at Tulane University to an architecture class about the importance of public displays of artwork and the hurdles of NoLA Rising. A powerpoint presentation detailed the evolution of the artwork of NoLA Rising while Rex spoke to the students and fielded a variety of interesting questions. Many excellent points were brought up, but the most important theme of the day was community involvement.

In the background is Avi BenBasat, President of the Tulane Chapter of Students of NoLA Rising. Tulane will be the pioneer in leading the grassroots arts movement of NoLa Rising into the future.

Special thanks to Professor Scott Milner for the invitation and opportunity to speak to the class. And many thanks to the students for their participation.

---Photo courtesy of Max Prophet---

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