06 June 2009

NoLA Rising...Nunca Entrega Sus Suenos!

Our Brother in Arts, Charles has recently taken a position with the French Embassy. We salut him in his new endeavor! Before he went to D.C. on his current mission, he traveled South America spreading the word of NoLA Rising. In his own words:

"Attached are a few images from South America. I wish I had more but unfortunately my camera broke during the trip... too much rumba. It was an unbelievable adventure and I hope to make it an annual trek. All those that received a ReX original were extremely happy. They were a hit for sure! I was among artists (visual and performing) throughout the entire trip so everything went to good people. Your work is now being admired in Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay as well as Buenos Aries, Argentina and Santiago, Chile!"

Well I be!

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