10 July 2009

Priest Comes to New Orleans

Priest Comments on the Raining Grey

Priest has come to New Orleans to add to the commentary on the Grey Ghost and give a little personal flare to our abandoned and run-down buildings that have long been neglected by the owners.

Priest - Boy Swinging Over Hungry Gator

Priest - Radtke...Criminal

For those who are unaware, the Grey Ghost is a "buffer" who illegally takes it upon himself to "buff" graffiti (consequently making himself a tagger). Despite the police protection he has and uses with impunity to assault the culture of New Orleans, it still doesn't seem to deter street artists from commenting. Many business owners have finally taken notice of his totalitarian attitude and realized that his extreme philosophy (that of Broken Windows which has since been widely disputed), actually causes more graffiti.

Priest does a Spot Team

Spot Team crouching on urban patrol...

Priest in NoLA

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