06 July 2009

Street Styles - A Young Audiences visual arts workshop by Holly Combs

Our brother Chris at Robots Will Kill recently put up a post about Holly Combs from PEEL Magazine and her program Street Styles. Chris says:

"The program aims to teach kids the basics of visual art using graffiti and street art as a jumping off point. The program also teaches respect for other artists, and their school and community. In the workshop the students learn about the history of graffiti and get to make their own stickers. Holly has taught two workshops in Indianapolis schools so far, and the kids are seriously diggin' it."

Holly's website, Street Styles, explains: "The Street Styles workshop was begun by street artist Dave Warnke in San Francisco. Dave has worked with Holly Combs to bring the program to Indianapolis through Young Audiences. The Street Styles workshop teaches students the basics of art: line, composition, balance, flow, color theory, rhythm, contrast, value, depth, perspective, etc. using street art and graffiti as the foundation for exploring these basics. It also teaches students important social values with an emphasis on respect for themselves, their teachers, and their community."

To see more about Street Styles or schedule a workshop, check out her WEBSITE

Also, If you want to send some stickers for Holly to give to her students, or donations of markers, labels, and other art supplies, you can send them to:

Holly Combs
3404 B Oliver Ave
Indianapolis IN 46241 USA

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