18 November 2009

Joe Iurato Takes that :01 Second to Sunday Night Football on NBC

Joe Iurato keeps doing amazing things...and just when you think he can't out-do himself, here comes Joe on NFL's Sunday Night Football on NBC. For the Colts / Patriots Game, Joe cut three unique stencils for the game. Naturally, our favorite stencil was New Orleans' very own Peyton Manning (even though he plays for the Colts instead of the Saints). Check out this video and the words below...

From :01

I did some artwork for the Indianapolis Colts Vs. New England Patriots game which was aired on NBC's Sunday Night Football, November 15th 2009.
I was asked to create 3 multi-layer stencils Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and the SNF Logo. Theyd be used for a short piece the producers were calling Quarterbacks Of The Decade. The piece would be shown several times throughout game, mostly as transitions during highlight reels and replay TD passes. I spray painted the stencils on acetate so NBC could photograph them against a green screen and combine them with computer generated effects in the final cut. I sent a final composite along with each individual layer sprayed on its own sheet of acetate so they could also be shot separately - this allowed the images to rebuild themselves quickly on screen.

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