11 November 2009

A Thank You Note

Best Bite on NoLA Rising yet...

Friends and Extended Family-

Ordinarily the site of the above sticker may have solicited some short-sighted response from me, but alas, I think it's kinda great. Someone cares enough to take a bite at the NoLA Rising Family. Welcome to the club, get your membership card at the back of the room.

However, I'm not writing to blast anyone for their humor or jealousy today, but to say thank you all who came out to the opening Saturday night. I hope that there was entertainment enough for everyone. For opening night, we officially cashed a case of champagne, two cases of wine, twelve plus cases of beer and various bottles and sundries that came our way. In the end, fifteen or so pieces sold, we got to see the lovely Bella Blue perform her Bring Out the Clowns number, and enjoyed the tasty treats of Melissa Levine and Andrea Butson while listening to DJ Stress. According to a knowledgeable source and an avid counter of things, we had about 250 people throughout the night. Most importantly, however, is that everyone got to have fun and pass a good time.

Again, Rex salutes everyone who came to support and who voiced support from afar. It has always been humbling how supportive our community of friends and artists have been and I appreciate that. Thank you all again!

The show will remain up through November 28th for anyone who didn't get out on the opening night. The gallery (Coup D'Oeil) is open by appointment and also from 1030 to 6, Wednesday thru Saturday and from 1-6 on Sundays. To see more of the show, CLICK HERE


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