08 March 2010

Barrister's Gallery hosts benefit for Galerie Monnin artists in Haiti

Myrtle Von Damitz has organized a show to benefit an artists foundation for this Saturday, March 6th at Barrister's Gallery. Read below for details and at the bottom, there'll be a link to the Facebook event page with her contact information as well. Rex from NoLA Rising is proud to support her mission and the artists in Haiti.

Dear friends, fellow artists, and art lovers,

Barrister's Gallery (2331 St. Claude at Spain) will host a benefit for the artists and foundation workers of the Galerie Monnin in Petionville, Haiti, from March 6-9. We invite all artists of New Orleans (near and far) to donate a work of any dimension and media/material to be sold for between $25 and $100.

100% of sales will go to the Dallas Monnin Foundation, run by Gael Monnin (please see links below). She will distribute funds to about 150 gallery artists and foundation employees, in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Right now, the people of Haiti need essentials-- we are determined to keep Haiti and its people in our minds for the long road ahead. One way is for the artists of New Orleans to pass on the support and love of strangers we recieved in our time of need, in any way we can. We will organize more artist benefits down the road, but here is a great chance to connect in as personal way as possible to the artists and their families who need our help in many ways. For now, all we can do is find out how to send money and our respect, exactly what we needed immediately after Katrina and the floods (though of course it is more complicated than that).

The show will open with an event on Saturday, March 6, from 6-9pm, and carry through Tuesday, March 9 at regular gallery hours (11am-5pm). The drop-off window to donate work will be from the end of carnival up until Thursday, March 4th. Please call Myrtle (see FB link for her contact info) before you make a delivery. If your work does not sell at the benefit, please pick it up no later than Friday, March 12. We were able to work between two exhibitions at Barrister's and are grateful to Andy for being able to host this benefit; let's keep this this running as smoothly as possible. Work sold can go home with the buyer right away.

Please pass this invitation on! I would also like to know about other arts & cultural groups in Haiti, and a good contact.

Thank you,

Myrtle von Damitz

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