06 January 2007

Another Day Closer!

Another day closer... I had wanted to get this painting finished before the end of last year, but I've decided not to stress about it and make it the first painting of the New Year. Without all the shitiness of last year and the persons responsible who helped make it that way (myself included, but there's percentages to be assigned), this piece of work would not be possible. So for all the misery, my first true piece of artwork that marks a change in my perception of art and self is produced. I'd give up all sorts of things and people to create more pieces worthy of sharing with the world...most importantly, though, I'll never let anyone create within me the feeling that I am not good enough for whatever it is I am doing, trying to do or hoping to do. No one will stand in my way again, regardless of how much they might try to impede my progress in the multitudiness ways in which I decide to live.

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