13 January 2007

What I've Alluded To

I believe I have adequately welcomed the New Year and have made mention of it several times about how happy I was to finally have 2006 finally over. Indeed, that much is more than true. No belly-aching and whining will ever convey to you the heaviness of the weight of 2006 upon my shoulders. Not only has it been the very worst year of my life, I handled it with the grace of an elephant and rhinoceras dancing ballet around eggshells. That is to say, not very graceful or gentlemanly at all.

For whatever will come of the havoc I have wrought, only the future will know. However, I am finally optimistic about life and the future; an outlook I have not felt three or so years now. I haven't felt this hopeful since they told me some years back that my youngest daughter would live after being sick with spinal meningitis.

I ended the year with a helluva car wreck and a major head injury. I had been awake nearly forty hours when the accident happened after working two twelve hour shifts and spending the twelve hours between helping a friend pack to move. The impact was intense enough that only fractional pieces of nearly a whole week come back to me. For details, I have none. I remember images. I spent two weeks in the hospital as a result and ended up with plenty of time to look at my life. It was an end of a lot of things and despite my losses of 2006, I will rebuild, renew and re-establish.

The biggest aspect that I have decided to undertake is to seriously make my art a priority. To do so, I have sacrificed am willing to make greater sacrifices as needed. I have far too many paintings started and drawings done to neglect taking it to the next level. In retrospect, perhaps last year was the most integral in getting me to a place where I can begin parting with my art. With that, I have nothing more to say about last year than that it can only serve to make me a better and stronger person. We can also hope that I'll become a more visual artist.

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  1. I love you my dear friend. I wish all the best for you. You know where I am....whenever you need me.