20 January 2007

Purple Fish Sings the Jazz - FINISHED!

It's taken awhile but my first painting produced solely for the purpose of being sold is finished and then, it may be one of the hardest to part with. It's taken far too long to finish, but it is done. Any agony is worth this, a piece that signals a turning point in my art. It's 30 X 40 inches and can be yours for a reasonable price (plus shipping). To see it on my website: http://www.michaeldingler.com/artwork/oils.htm


  1. Hi, hopped here from Nannbugg and glad I did. What a brightly- colored and shape-laden work of art! Bravo. I always admire the artistic mind (visual arts) because I don't have any such gift myself, and the fact that such a thing could grow in the mind amazes me. Likewise music composition, or any creative birth. When I write, the ideas spring from some unknown place, so I can understand it, but to see the Muse realized in visual form is inspiring.

  2. Glad you finished it! Beautiful Michael.