21 November 2007

NoLA Rising Paint Party

At the end of the day...


In preparation for the coming year and in the ongoing battle against GREY, NoLA Rising is hosting its second Paint Party of the year. Special Guest all the way from Michigan is Angela Pate who is preparing for her European Tour. Come support NoLA Rising in its ongoing endeavor to brighten New Orleans one color at a time...one person at a time.

For those who ask what they can bring:

Bring your paint (acrylic works best for longevity), acrylic house paint if you have leftover colors you want to share...
your beverage or snack of choice...
Any scrap wood you might have...
16d 3 1/2"; Galvanized Nails
Rustoleum Crystal Clear Spray (this helps coat signs for the weather)
Sharpie Oil-based Paint pens (black or what have you)
Heck...bring whatever you want to work on.

But, most importantly, bring your love for art and your hope for New Orleans and together, we'll help NoLA Rise...one smile at a time

Come pass a good time Y'all,
"ReX" Dingler

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