14 November 2007

McMain High School & NoLA Rising

Howdy Friends and Fellow NoLA Risers!

So, how great is it to receive an email from an art teacher at McMain High School to say that she encouraged her class to do follow the spirit of NoLA Rising.

Ms. Cook, art teacher at McMain High School in New Orleans, LA introduced to her students the NoLA Rising Project and encouraged them to undertake pieces of their own to help beautify their neighborhoods and encourage the growth of the spirit of New Orleans.

ReX visited the classroom on the 13th of November to meet with the students, answer questions, and share perspectives. It was such a great environment to walk into and it was a great experience to meet the students, the teacher and Mr. Alfred Richard who was on hand to video for the school. Mr. Richard soon discovered NoLA Rising takes everyone as a student and he joined the class.

In an official statement by ReX he says, "I was touched deeply that a group of New Orleans students would be moved to undertake the NoLA Rising Project on their own accord and do such motivating and personal works. They are a tribute to the wealth that New Orleans has as the future of our city."

With that, ReX salutes Ms. Cook and her art class for the fine work...keep up the good work and remember...all things that we do, we do for our city! As always, support your local artists and support public works of art...don't be deterred by buffing and always be respectful of the neighborhood you are doing your art in.

Thank you and good night!

p.s. Please understand the in the interest of the students' privacy, I have not included any pictures where the students were photographed. For a full list of all pictures from McMain (since they all couldn't fit), visit the NoLA Rising Projects Flickr site at

McMain high School - NoLA Rising

Ms. Cook's Class
Ms. Cook's Class

Ms. Cook's Class

Ms. Cook's Class

By Angela Pate


Ms. Cook's Quote

Mr. Aldred Richard


  1. Ms. Cook rocks and so do her students!! But I bet you knew that going in D!
    Small world, I've know Alfred Richard for years from his time with the New Orleans Worst Film Festival that was held at Ben Franklin HS and and the New Orleans Science Fiction, Fantasty Festival.

  2. You are too kind. Thanks to the photographers who gave my kids their 15 minutes. They are feeling empowered and may show up to paint out the gray!

  3. Just like the hokey pokey...THIS is what it's all about!

  4. Thanks everyone...I can only say that these kids were phenomenal, though a little shy. I can only hope that I inspired them further...