31 January 2008

Andre Trevigne Show and MTV Street Team

Yesterday was a hectic day, but I was able to get up off my butt and get out the door in time to make it to the Andre Trevigne show on 99.5 FM, the voice of the new New Orleans, where we discussed NoLA Rising. If you missed it and would like to listen to the segment, click the link below.

Andre Trevigne and NoLA Rising

Afterwards, ReX and NoLA Rising photographer Max Prophet, accompanied with my dynamic duo team from SPELL & SPELL, met with and did a video interview with an M-TV Street Team about our grassroots arts movement designed to get people involved in the community while beautifying the neighborhoods that people live in. The segment should be coming out on Think M TV within the next couple of weeks. I'll repost that information as it occurs.

In other news, we're one step closer to setting the location for the next Paint Party, though we are still currently seeking donations of paint and supplies. If you know someone who is willing to help out in that regard, send them our way. As always, thanks for helping NoLA Rise. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures from NoLA Rising Team Covington!

George Bush Series

What will your contribution be?

George Bush Series

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