16 January 2008

Our Friends, From Atlanta to Dublin

As part of the movement to let the world know that while New Orleans may have been, we're definitely not out, NoLA Rising has begun the sticker movement as hand-outs to people who want to see New Orleans rise again. We put them out in coffee shops, in music stores, in bars, wherever, for the patrons to take with them. Sometimes they end up on laptops, on notebooks, on your car...sometimes they end up in Dublin...sometimes they end up in Atlanta.

All of us at NoLA Rising ask that you post them responsibly and be socially conscious of your community when you do so. They are vinyl and easily removable from surfaces that may be objectionable...no need to paint over them. Today New Orleans, tomorrow the world. -ReX

And I Quote: "BTW, I have been putting up those NOLA Rising fleur-de-lis stickers you sent me at pretty much every bar I've been to in metro Atlanta since Xmas. Just doing my part for my beloved New Orleans." -Jacques


  1. I just read the CityBusiness story about Radtke and when the smoke stopped coming out of my ears, fired off a letter to Shelley Midura telling her the city needs to cut this out, and go after Radtke. A slightly less temperate screed at toulousestreet.wordpress.com and I felt all better. Please don't hesitate to post on the blog any way else we can help.

  2. Thanks for your support Mark! Will do!