03 January 2008

Freret Market and a New NoLA Rising Year

Howdy Y'all!

It's a New Year and NoLA Rising is geared up to start making good things happen. We've gotten together and begun discussing the future of NoLA Rising and where we'd like to take it. Here are some of the things we came up with...

The goals for the start of the year are:

1) To become a non-profit (and we're on track for that). With that, comes website, updates of our goals, and a mission...and we have a mission!

2) To begin making it possible for the art parties to be in locations that are more space oriented and that the art produced can be donated to people who are returning home.

3) To partner with groups such as Furnishing Our Neighbors, Habitat for Humanity, Green Project and Make It Right to provide affordable, if not free, art for the homes of people who are moving back to contribute to the renaissance of New Orleans.

4) To enter into the classrooms of the schools and assist in art seminars with teachers in Orleans Parish to convey the importance of art and artistic expression.

5) And to encourage the personal growth of our citizens through positive outlets promoted by the arts.

In the meantime, go and see ReX at the Freret Art Market this Saturday. His vision and his drive are what has gotten the movement this far. He's been busy painting on an entirely new body of work to be displayed for Jazzfest, but he'll be having another showing soon of recent art at J'anita's on Magazine with the indelible Mardi Claw.

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