19 June 2008

G.I.T.M.O. Arrives on the Scene

ReX has received a message today from G.I.T.M.O., the group taking responsibility for the F. RAdTke stencils of his face and the empty bubble...emblematic of the fact that he has nothing interesting or worthwhile to say. It's an open-ended project (revolution!) that allows the passer-byer to fill in statements according to their sentiments. Here is what G.I.T.M.O. has to say to introduce themselves and their call to action:

Galloping Indelibly Toward Mass Outfreakage

Greetings citizens of New Orleans, we are G.I.T.M.O.
We are one and many.
There's a chance you have seen our handiwork around town.
If you haven't, here are some examples:

You will soon be seeing xeroxes of the stencil with instructions at various locations around town.
this is an open invitation to anyone who wants to join in on the fun.
This fall be on the lookout for phase 2 of G.I.T.M.O.

DISCLAIMER: I would like to add that I am unaware of the members of G.I.T.M.O., but their recent efforts show that they are many and they are strong. In other news, F.R. allegedly attacked a boy yesterday in the Lower Garden District with mace pepper spray...details to follow once I get a full report and can accurately make a news report.

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