03 June 2008

It's Yours, Take It: New Orleans Location Set

NoLA Rising has set the location for the It’s Yours, Take It show occurring on Saturday, June 7th. Sometime in the afternoon, we’ll set the artwork up with the permission of a local business owner and allow for the progression of the interactive public exhibition to take place. The location of the show will remain a closely held state secret until the night before if not the day of…if we remember to post it at all.

For those of you wanting a clue as to where to go for this pedestrian delight, this feast of color, the only hint to be given as that you will be able to find it downriver from the Quarter, upriver of Chalmette, due north of Algiers Point and south of Dillard University. So, we hope to see you out there…

And to the business owner letting us do this at his place, we thank you in advance and will praise him for his greatness when we announce the location.

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