09 June 2008

It's yous, Take It - The New Orleans Show

It’s Yours, Take It

In coordination with four cities around the world, NoLA Rising presented the It’s Yours, Take It show on June 7th, 2008. The other four cities are in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Throughout the course of a few hours, over a hundred and fifty pieces of artwork were displayed and freely given to people passing by. Pieces disappeared much faster than we thought and we stuck around to linger and take pictures of people grabbing up artwork.

The most amazing thing was how some people couldn’t quite grasp the concept that it was free. The number one response was, “why?” Well, “why not” is my number one answer to that 9 out of 10 times in life.

We made a party of it there on the street and we abandoned what was left around four or so. I returned around midnight to find about six lonely pieces, of which two were swept up right in front of my eyes. It was great to see that even many hours later, pieces were still going.

I ran into Adé (of Café Brasil) around that time and we talked about the show. I thanked him for letting me use his building and we’ve secured the use of it in the future when we do it again.

For those of you who want to know more about It’s Yours, Take It, go to:



NoLA Rising presents It's Yours, Take It - Video by Adam Copus of WWLTV

A quick shot of the artwork once we realized some of it may go quickly, as we had to beat a few people with sticks (just kidding...we used whips). This was early on, but some of the artwork was already taken...

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